Motivating, Enthusiastic & Fun

I love working out with Carey. She is motivating, enthusiastic & fun, and she keeps the workouts varied. But most importantly, she kicks my butt. Every time!!

Suzie Hultman

Best Trainer in Town!

I have been taking Carey’s classes for almost 10 years! I’ve always said she is the best trainer in town, and have always loved her variety of classes including pump, yoga and now TRX! She pushes me to my limit every time, and has a way of mixing it up so to continuously keep it interesting. I’ve trained with her through various stages of my life: bike racing, marathons, prenatal, and now post 2 kids and trying to get my body back! Her passion for her work keeps me coming back year after year!

Katie Jackson

Boot Camp

Last summer I was able to go to Carey’s boot camp classes. They were amazing! I worked so hard and do not remember the last time I felt so strong from head to toe. I loved going to each class, she kept each one fresh and new.  Her great energy motivated me to keep going all summer.

Tiffany Stolte

Inspired, Challenged and Exhausted

I leave the one hour group sessions inspired, challenged and exhausted.  I love how hard Carey pushes me while always keeping it fun.

Allison Merritt

Never used to exercise

I never used to exercise until I discovered TRX! It is a wonderful way to get fit, stronger, and more balanced at your own pace. Working around your weaknesses with a goal to transform them into your strength.

Marion Bernand

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