Post Holiday Challenge Starts January 12-24th

Post Holiday Challenge Starts January 12-24th

Are you trying to figure out how you are going to get back to your normal routine and eating habits after the holidays, and can’t seem to motivate on your own?? Well, DO NOT  worry, Core Changes with Carey is here to the rescue you from  post holiday indulgence guilt.  I’ve put together a plan to get us back in shape and guilt free.

Welcome to the 12 Day PHC (Post Holiday Challenge)

We are going to start the 12 days post holiday Challenge January 12th. This way you have a week from today to start getting back to your normal routine. We will be working out and blasting off all those extra calories we willingly enjoyed at all those holiday parties.  In this challenge, I’ll have daily workouts ( if you can not make a Core Changes class) as well as workout guides to assist you on losing the holiday chubs.

Q. How does this challenge work? 
A. Out of the 12 days, it’s important to get at least 7 days of high intensity workouts in. And if you are like me you will not work out near as hard as you would if you were in a group class. So, if you come to Core Changes 7 out of the 12 days you will be entered into a drawing (after the 12 days) and have a chance to win a FREE membership for the month of February. On the other 5 days you will have a home workout ( I have designed for you) or you can get some fresh air and go skiing, hiking, skinning, do yoga, pilates anything that gets your heart rate moderately elevated. YOU have to do something for 12 days. If you come to more than 7 days at Core Changes your name will be entered twice.

Q. What about my DIET??
A. We should all know by now that Abs are made in the kitchen!! It’s 70% DIET 30% EXERCISE.  In order to get those extra pounds off you have to watch your food intake. We are offering a nutrition meal plan and nutrition counseling throughout the 12 days.  Will it be strict Yes!!! But, just think it’s only 12 days and you will feel better than ever when you finish it. If you lose your goal weight LOSS you will also be entered into a drawing.

Q. Are there any more incentives??
A.  YES!! We all know accountability will keep us motivated, so if you refer a new client to Core Changes  you will also be in the drawing for a FREE unlimited membership for February.
If you do the Bonus workout ( details TBD) after your regular workout you will also be entered into the drawing.

Q. How much does this Challenge cost?

A. The only EXTRA fee is the meal plan and nutrition counseling. We are going to give it to you for a killer deal ($49 for 2 weeks). You will have unlimited support via email and can show your journal to me anytime. In order to keep you from spending a lot of money and time on food we are making our meal plan simple and easy to follow. Meal plan will be ready January 9th.

Q. Do I just use my regular Punch Card?
A. If you are not interested in taking advantage of the unlimited 12 days you can use your current punch card.

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