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Make your body your machine.

Our MVC of the week, goes to Jill Walsh. Jill has been a member of Core Changes since 2011 and has been to almost 500 classes. If you have never seen Jill's biceps next time you're working out with her you should stand close by and take a look! 💪🏼
Jill is super strong in every aspect of her life, and gives it her ALL!!! If she is not working out at Core changes you can find her running and hiking on the trails with her pups! That lady never stops!! Congratulations Jill Walsh!!!
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If you have been to the 7:30 TRX you know Paul Piper or at least you've heard him!! Ha ha! The most inspiring 75 year old We know. Paul does every class with 110% effort. ALWAYS!!! He sweats more than anyone I know which always makes me wonder how he can do an hour and a half hot yoga class after TRX. If he's not going to hot yoga, you can find him on the golf course any other day. I guess that's how he stays so young!! His favorite quote, " Ain't no one got time for that." I think he's talking about gettin old!!! 🤔 congratulations Paul for being the next MVC!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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